Bounding Box Annotation

Our Image Annotation service with bounding boxes is ideally suited for computer vision models to detect and locate individual objects and persons in images.

We offer bounding box annotation services for a wide range of industries including autonomous vehicles, robotics, unmanned flying machines like drones, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, agriculture, etc.


Semantic Segmentation

The semantic segmentation is suitable when multiple objects in the image need to be classified at pixel-level in several classes. This allows the recognition and understanding of an image with pixel-level accuracy.


Skeleton Annotation

It is used to highlight the movements of the body, by tracking them point-wise. This annotation can be used to track and analyze the gesture or movements of the persons. It can help in providing analytics for sports people, identifying & preventing injuries of players, and developing home fitness apps.

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Facial Key-points Annotation

This technique annotates the key points around the face targeting every corner for best accuracy. This annotation can help develop a face recognition system, identify expressions or emotions, build facial filters, and implement AR technology on social media platforms.


Polygon Annotation

The objects in the image are labeled by drawing an accurate contour around them. The objects which have irregular or asymmetric shapes are labeled with a polygon. For example, it can be used for labeling lanes of the roads, aerial crop monitoring, and livestock management for animal welfare on farms.


Cuboid Annotation

The annotation is done using cuboids for processing 3D training data. This technique is used to recognize indoor objects, vehicles, other objects on the street, etc.

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Medical Annotation

It is used to train AI algorithms for medical image analysis and diagnostics, helping doctors save time, make better-informed decisions, and improve patient outcomes. The annotation is done in the image around the injured or infected area of the human body to help the medical team with its diagnosis. This technique can help with medical imaging and pattern recognition, skin image analysis & personalized treatment and, Early detection of high-impact diseases like Glaucoma or Diabetic Retinopathy through medical image analysis.